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Sehit Mustafa Russo Str. No.151
Küçük Kaymaklı Nicosia / North Cyprus

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Why Should You Contact euroCARE IVF?

Low Cost IVF Cyprus – IVF in Cyprus can cost up to 50% less than IVF in UK. All costs of IVF treatment in Cyprus are pre-defined and do not vary from patient to patient. You won’t be required to pay any additional expenses for IVF in Cyprus.

IVF Cyprus Success Rates – 8 in 10 patients achieve pregnancy in our best IVF clinic in Cyprus. The successful treatment of your fertility problem relies on the medical expertise of our highly trained, experienced IVF team.

IVF with Egg Donation – We offer an alternative treatment option to patients who cannot conceive with their own eggs. Our egg donation program in Cyprus allows infertile individuals and couples to experience the joy of a family.

Gender Selection – Here at euroCARE IVF Cyprus make sure that only healthy embryos of the desired sex are transferred to your uterus. The cutting-edge technology in our state-of-the-art lab enables us to detect over hundred of genetic defects and abnormalities in embryos and help you choose the sex of your baby.

IVF No Wait List – We at euroCARE IVF understand the taking a prompt action in treating infertility is paramount for the success of IVF. After your initial consultation with our fertility doctor, you’ll be able to start your IVF cycle. Our fertility doctor will discuss with you the best treatment options for your fertility problem.

IVF Vacation Packages – IVF is a complex and challenging fertility treatment. We understand every aspects of your IVF journey and do our best to make it as positive and successful as possible. We offer all-inclusive IVF packages for you and your family during your IVF treatment in Cyprus.

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