Gender Selection Cyprus

“Anchored by expert fertility specialists, the gender selection program at euroCARE IVF reveals advanced measures in reproductive medicine and illustrates the expanding footprint of premier IVF treatment options in North Cyprus.”

— euroCARE IVF

 IVF CyprusGender Selection in North Cyprus

Major Scientific advancements have led to an improved understanding of IVF treatments and progressive techniques. The newest and most astonishing trend in North Cyrus involves the evolution of reproductive medicine to conceive a child of a desired gender.

Gender selection is an attractive option for intended parents at euroCARE IVF Center in Cyprus. Utilizing high-tech methods for gender selection in Cyprus, expert IVF specialists are seeing record number of patients for gender selection involving ― PGS and MicroSort Alternatives.

The UK allows the use of PGD for detecting gender abnormalities but not for gender selection. In fact, UK citizens wanting PGD for gender selection frequently travel to Cyprus to undergo IVF treatment for family balancing options. Traveling to Cyprus for Gender selection is appealing due to the accurateness and safety of treatment.

Why are couples seeking Gender Selection in North Cyprus?

Intended parents may choose gender selection for the following reasons:

  • Family balancing to include children of both sexes
  • To prevent passing on a genetic trait related to a specific gender
  • Fulfill a preference for children of one sex
  • Due to economic, cultural or social reasons